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Terrafina was born in 2005 when, in true entrepreneurial spirit, we seized a window of opportunity in the market and unleashed our passion for healthy snacks.

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Thinking about joining the Terrafina team?

People that do well at Terrafina have strengths in some specific areas -
it's what we look for at every stage of our recruitment process...

taking the initiative

We're looking for people who take ownership of an issue and who are constantly seeking to better themselves by being proactive, engaged and curious.


We think the best way to work is in collaboration with our colleagues so we can learn from each other while building a great product. The ability to team build is a quality that we especially prize.

delivering results

We're all about delivering results for our customers. We believe in listening to customers' needs, coming up with innovative solutions and executing projects on time.

living the values

Here at Terrafina, our values are our code of conduct – innovation, quality, teamwork, enthusiasm and social conscience. They describe how we work and drive our business – this is not stuff we compromise on.






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